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Chen Yi Studio

Chen Yi’s studio was established in April 2019. Currently, it is a small team of 4 people, all with overseas education background.

Creation is valued and beautiful for use. Exploring extraordinary designs from ordinary.
is his studio's creative concep.

Liu Ben Studio

Mr. Liu Ben has been engaged in design and planning of comprehensive and complex functional projects, such as high-end housing, compound commercial office, new education building, historic preservation and urban renewal, etc. With "high-quality compound type strategy" as the core value of the studio, he is good at using creative solutions to deeply explore project value and pursue the balance and multi-win of customer demands, economic efficiency and design quality control. He has a working experience of nearly 15 years.

Founded in April 2019, Liu’s studio now has nearly 30 members.

Qin Chen Studio

Solving project problems through technical capability with depth and breadth, is the core value of the studio. Horizon widening-the team continuously absorbs nutrients from different fields; Design feedback-the team keeps growing with the accumulation of projects experience. With research and creation as the tool, from planning design to construction implementation, project value will finally be presented through site and use. It is the responsibility of the studio to ensure high-quality output of design results for each work.

Qin Chen’s studio was established in May 2019 and now has more than 20 members.

Wang Kaitian Studio

Mr. Wang Kaitian has been engaged in the exploration and research of high-end comprehensive communities for more than 10 years. Based on the experience of high-end community design, he explores the relationship among human history, urban development, social activities, future technology and architectural design, respects history, faces future and returns to origin of architectural design. his team always adheres to a characteristics of sponge—constantly absorbs nutrients from practice, and treats each piece of work with a rigorous attitude, strict standards and continuous innovation.

Wang’s studio was formally established in October 2019, and currently has a team of more than 10 designers.

Yin Lei Studio

Mr. Yin Lei has been engaged in design and research of large and complex public buildings for more than 15 years. He is a national 1st class registered architect and a senior engineer. He emphasizes that projects should be viewed from an urban level or from a larger perspective, and through exploring uniqueness of each project, local urban space or physical environment can be changed and reshaped to give full play to the maximum value of public buildings; paying attention to the value of public space, and obtaining signs and experiences in the sequence of public space and the specificity of core space.

Yin’s studio was formally established in March 2020. Currently, there are about 20 designers with different backgrounds.

Zhou Qi Studio

As an expert in housing complex design, Mr. Zh ou Qi has accumulated rich experience in this field. He has been working in this field for nearly 20 years.His team adheres to the tenet of "lighting up the city with architecture, creating value with design", and takes residential innovation as an engine to try to stimulate the vitality of residential communities with diversified design methods. The design team, product team and technical team work closely and organically, thus have a strong ability to control project implementation, and solve new problems in new situations through continuous innovation. At the same time, the team is also actively exploring urban design, urban renewal, boutique commercial, educational architecture and so on.

Zhou joined SEED ARCHITECTS in August 2019, and his studio now has nearly 40 designers.